Online Storage, una nuova opportunità per gli abbonati al PlayStation Plus

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Una nuova occasione si svela agli appassionati del mondo PlayStation: da giovedì 10 marzo i possessori di un abbonamento PlayStation Plus avranno a disposizione l’Online Storage, un sistema di archiviazione online di contenuti che permette di memorizzare i giochi e salvare i dati di backup.

L’Online Storage, ultimo di una lunga serie di servizio offerti agli utenti del PlayStation Network, da domani consentirà di scaricare giochi e contenuti e mantenere i dati anche dopo l’aggiornamento della console, per immagazzinare sino ad un massimo di 150MB di informazioni.

Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) is pleased to announce the arrival of Online Storage for game saves on your PlayStation3 (PS3). Responding to the interest from the PlayStation3 community, Online Storage will be available via PlayStationNetwork from 10th March 2011, exclusively to PlayStationPlus members. With 150MB of space available, Online Storage for games saves allows PlayStation Plus members to store game save backup data (max 1000 game saves ) online.

Users can access their Online Storage via XMB (XrossMediaBar), under the Games icon, where they can save game data or download and pick up and play from where they left off. Games saved in Online Storage can also be accessed by logging into their PlayStation Network account from any PS3. Therefore, it will be possible to download a game save to a friend’s PS3 and continue playing, whilst also benefiting from not running the risk of losing game data if they choose to upgrade their console. PlayStation Plus members can also save their ‘copy protected’ game data to the Online Storage , however there will be a 24 hour period after saving before they can access the data on a different PS3.

Online Storage is the latest addition to the exclusive features available to PlayStation Plus members. Join the growing PlayStation Plus community and sign up to the premium service that gives you access to a host of content and features, including: New, classic and exclusive games, themes and avatars worth over £200 a year*. PlayStationStore discounts, early access to selected demos and betas, the option to try certain games before you buy and automatically download your game and system updates while you sleep. All this for just £39.99/49.99 a year or £11.99/14.99 for 90 days!

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