Gianluca Stefanini

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Product Owner Mobility, Energy, Smart Cities & Videoanalysis Vodafone Business

Gianluca is currently owner of the portfolio of innovative products & services for Automotive & Mobility, Energy, Smart Cities & Videoanalysis in Vodafone Business Italia.

He led the Vodafone 5G Trial in Milan, an open air 5G living lab, for the Automotive Sector: the partnership of major enterprises, startups and public entities created to jointly develop more than 40 5G-enabled use cases across industries. Currently he is leading the Vodafone 5G trial in Genova to develop  4 use cases in Mobility & Infrastrucure, both in public bus services and drones areas.

He was previously Responsible of New Marketing Positioning for Vodafone Business and before Business Development Manager for innovative services for Vodafone Consumer unit and launched the first ever cross operator platform for VAS mobile payments in Italy and the first proposition for digital payments (“Vodafone Smart Pass”). From 2005 and 2009 he was co-marketing manager for Vodafone Consumer led the partnership in different areas

Before Vodafone, Gianluca took part of the commercial launch of Omnitel Pronto Italia working in the Customer Service Management (“190”).